Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leadership Pulse - What is it?

The Leadership Pulse project has been running since 2003. A total of over 15,000 leaders are now participating in the study, which is a partnership with The Conference Board, the Center for Effective Organizations at USC and eePulse, Inc. eePulse donates the technology for the study, and I am the lead researcher on the project. Leaders who are part of the study receive short pulse surveys about every two months, and then in exchange for five minutes of their time they get back their own personal reports (shows their data vs. their industry vs. the overall results), technical reports, and access to webinars. Our goal is to continue to build up the sample so that the benchmarking can be even more powerful. If you'd like to learn about joining, contact me at the email on this blog. You also can join the leadership team pulse, which allows you to add up to 100 members of your management team and receive reports and benchmarking for your team. By the way this is all available at no cost. As the sample grows, the learning you get back is even better.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa,
greetings from Bocconi University/SDA Bocconi in Milan. We are very happy to have joined the leadership pulse project. I hope that as we move forward many of our executive education participants and their companies will join in with the project, so we can expect many new participants from outside the US.

Here at Bocconi, we have been fortunate to develop a world-class exec education facility. The leadership pulse and team pulse projects are included within our formal catalog of programs. I anticipate great interest in the coming weeks and months!

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