Thursday, May 1, 2008

David Zinger posted a comment and asked about the drop in confidence for two specific questions - confidence in economic conditions and confidence in their own leadership skills. They both decreased, but the change in personal leadership was small compared to what we saw in the other questions. The biggest drops were in: (1) confidence in their firm's ability to change as needed, and (2) confidence that they have the right people and skills in their organizations. What's interesting about this is "how can we be so confident in ourselves as leaders but not be able to change and not have the right people?" What's going on out there?

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Unknown said...

Most employees look toward leadership for guidance, support and reassurance in difficult times. With the state of our economy it is difficult to find bright spots. So, companies have to look beyond the horizon knowing the road to our future success is paved with todays problems and inspire people to develop the right strategic plans based on the current reality. We as leaders must be the flame that ignites those plans. We must convey to the people we lead that we are confident in our future and in their ability to get the job done. If we do the right job planning for the future than it will become clear if we have a deficiency in organizational skills.

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