Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Helping leaders; creating energy

As I think about the big issues of personal health, depression, suicide, firm performance, employees doing well or not - I am sitting in my home at 11 pm working with my team (from eePulse) to get ready to launch something (a big new project). We are all on-line; we are working when many of you think we should not be, but I'm totally energized by it all.

I wonder - why I am not depressed but really having fun (in a weird sort of way I admit)? I think it's because the team is doing the work - not just me. That's the difference. I have a team with me, and we're working together. You can't do it alone. When your team is working together, everyone feels good about it (although we all complain - human nature I suppose).

Did you know that the most de-energized people (per the data we collect) are those who do not have enough to do and who feel left out when the big projects hit? Sharing the 'pain' sometimes isn't so bad. But .. it's back to extremes. Too much stress and pain is bad; not enough challenge is bad. Balance - with a little bit of bias on the high side - is the answer.

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Take the Anti-Scrooge Pledge for 2023