Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ian Turnbull posted a very interesting comment:

One of the problems that i see is that "Monday Morning" no longer exists. Certainly not for leaders, and rarely for the rising stars.The instant nature of our society, and in particular of business, means that IM and email pervade 7/18 - or more.I sat on a dock with 2 executives yesterday and watched as they spent 40% of their "down-time" texting to others and wondering why those others were "in the office"

I can't help but relate to this because I spent 80% of my weekend working, and the sad part is there's just so much to do I kinda hope a lot of my employees were working too. That's because I don't' want to be "behind" all summer. And I depend on others; they depend on me, and the list goes on. So.. what to do? Can we do a better job of focusing our efforts during the week and keep up the demands of our work? Can you really spend a whole weekend not working when you lead an organization, or when you are in a highly responsible, professional position?

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Anonymous said...

Sure you can spend a weekend not working. The evidence suggests we work better when we mix productivity and recovery cycles. Without health in the long term we will not be working and I see most organizations carry on after someone leaves. You can choose to work weekends but I hope you enjoy it or otherwise I think their is a short sighted myopia about effective methods of working that will catch up with 24/7 workers.

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