Sunday, June 8, 2008

Global Employee Energy

One of the issues I hear about when it comes to being energized or de-energized at work is the global nature of business. On one hand, executives are talking about being tired and not having free time because they have to be on phone calls at all hours (due to time zone differences, working with people all over the lobe). They mention long flights, being in places where they do not understand the customs or language, and the never-ending change in process at the airports.

However, there's also the burst of excitement when they talk about what they are learning, how their perspective has changed, and the potential of working in such a global world. This means global assignments, or doing business globally, both energizes and de-energizes.

What is your experience? Are there any stories you can share that will help us understand how the best of the best balance the pros and cons so they get an optimal energy experience outcome?

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James Hayton said...

It's very easy to let time get away from you when working in a global team. Here in Europe I wake up to emails from you guys in the US, take care of those. Then we go quiet so I can work on my stuff. However, about 4-6pm and into the evening things start 'popping'. If I don't deliberately shut the laptop, mute the blackberry, I can easily work away until midnight (because it's fun!).

The trouble with this is that you cannot sustain this kind of level of engagement without some burnout (either personal or familial). So, I try and pace myself, have periods of 'local time' and periods of 'global time'. I am also trying to save at least 1 day a week when there is almost no connection to work at all. Not always possible, but at least for 50% of weekends it is important.

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