Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't get Twitter

I just added a bunch of twitters mainly because I just cannot believe how this has become so popular. Do we really care what everyone is doing minute by minute? Do we really want stalkers to come find us wherever we are? Are the things we say in these small blurbs important? Or are we just contributing to massive loss of productivity in the nation? Or are we so terribly lonely that we reach out to anyone? Or is it a contest to see who has the most followers (I am not at all winning by the way - and I don't know most of the people 'following" (I hope they really are not wasting their time doing that) me.

Hmm, do I sound old?


Dr. O said...

Thanks for your posting. I also have been feeling the pull toward twitter but after reading your note I know I should resist a few weeks more (at least!)...

CV Harquail said...


One reason you may find Twitter less than compelling is that you may be using the Ning group for the same people-linking and idea exchanging functions that Twitter can provide. Unless you wanted to look outward and connect across interest groups, the Ning group may be all you need.

Also, fwiw, none of the 5 possible reasons that you mention for using Twitter is a 'real' reason. Rather, these are explanations /propositions manufactured by the mainstream media looking for a quick and dismissive hit, and the passive observer looking at the flurry of activity in the margins.
(Mashable just posted a neat analysis of what users are doing.. worth checking out.)

There is a lot of important content flowing across Twitter-- I've seen it, I've sent it, I've used it. I've also made some friends & ecolleagues, scattered across communities of interest. Twitter is working well for me... but then again,I don't have a Ning group where every interaction contributes in some way to my learning and my work.

Anonymous said...

Tried it - hated it!

The only reasonable explanation I've heard is that in our "star-obssessed" society, people love to see tweets from stars.

I think they are all "twits."

I don't care that my friend just brushed her teeth!

Anonymous said...

No tweet! Too beat to meet and greet. Don't like the heat so I'll just retreat!

I'm with you Theresa!

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