Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fast and Agile HRM

The last leadership pulse asked respondents to rate the speed and accuracy of their HRM function. The results show that Fast HRM is good. Basically, respondents are willing to give up accuracy, if needed, for speed.

That has been a hard finding for a lot of people in HRM to understand. We are driven by the fear of lawsuits and of getting things wrong. However, if you wait too long, you miss the opportunity to contribute. I find myself using a lot of NASCAR examples recently. One is to imagine HR as the pit crew. If they were SO SO very careful that they checked everything before the driver left the pit, then the driver wouldn't even have a chance to win. That's what we're seeing - managers who feel like they are being held back by their HR departments.

Below are a few comments from the Leadership Pulse:

“We have needed a relevant performance management process and development tool for years - we are challenged with increasing (low) morale and related people issues due to the lack of a clear vision and strategy from HR.”

“HR reacts slow and indecisive most of the time, leaving our review process and reward system problematic.”

“We need to speed up hiring. Very cumbersome for the hiring manager.”

“Compensation - especially job evaluations, promotions, adjustments - takes 3 - 6 weeks to have a job evaluated and a promotion approved or denied. Line management find this unacceptable!”

We can look at these data and get depressed. HR can fight back. What about HR standing up and speeding up? Let's face it - any company can be sued by anyone for anything, so let's not let the fear of lawsuits or fear of failure keep us from helping managers get their jobs done. You do not want to take unnecessary risks; however, we need to be like those pit crews - focus and go fast.

Focus on the activity that will drive performance and not only give your organization a chance to win but skill up so they can keep winning.

In the meantime, here's some fast actions:

* Share examples of Fast HRM work that you have seen.

* Sign up for a webinar on Fast HRM that I will be doing on October 19th with Bill Cushard, Chief Learning Officer, the Knowland Group (a fast company). Send a message to info@eepulse.com if you want more information or to sign up.

* Go to www.eepulse.com and read more about Fast HRM. We have articles and other resources for you to start learning how to go fast ... faster.


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