Sunday, November 7, 2010

Innovative ideas to help with direction

I just got back from another conference where we talked about energy and direction. There were a lot of people agreeing that they are being bombarded with projects and find it very hard to keep on track.

The link to a recent article (link in the title of this blog) goes over some new data on the topic.

The question is - what can you do?

One thing we've been trying at eePulse is "priority moments." Every once in a while - and definitely random - we send out a "Skype" message and ask everyone to stop what they are doing and tell us what their priorities are. Even with our small team, we find that there are disconnects - people working on stuff that really is not the highest priority. So we readjust and keep on moving forward.

I'm looking for other direction tips. Got any? If so, please share.

Thanks, Theresa

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