Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Web is Spying on Me

You just can't help but be bombarded with the Holiday season. It started earlier this year than in the past; this seems to happen every year. I try very hard to avoid that Holiday shopping, but this year I went on line to tinker around and look for some gifts, items, etc.

Now... the web is spying on me.

All of a sudden, ads from some really not-so-common stores that I decided to look at are showing up as part of other searches. I never had these ads come up in the past. It's like they are haunting me - a little voice saying "hey, stop what you are doing; quit your current legitimate business-focused search and come shopping again."

It makes me want to never ever buy a thing on line.

So all you people out there running these ads - studying my web browsing habits - hey KNOCK IT OFF! I don't want your spies watching me. I don't want to have custom ads annoying me all day. I find it offensive.

Is this the new cost of our freedom to search and learn? The cost is that we are victims of the biggest spy ring in town, and it's one that it seems no one is monitoring.

What do you think?

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Take the Anti-Scrooge Pledge for 2023