Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CHANGE change management # 22 in the 2011 all time hits list at TLNT

My son, the budding rock star, is in the other room composing music and studying what he calls "real" all time hits. So he thinks I'm pretty ridiculous calling one of those "boring business articles" a hit - but I will use the word anyway.

In my little world of writing about business, I was just as pleased as a rock star might be to see TLNT today. One of the pieces I wrote in 2011 made it to the TNLT top 30 articles for 2011. The article is about CHANGING change management. When I wrote the article I wasn't sure if it would be well received or massively rejected because I am asking for a change in something that has been well regarded for many years. And that's the practice of change management. The key point in the article is that many of the models and methods used by change management consultants are just way too old. They are not build on the business environment we have today, which can be characterized as very high change and incredibly complex. The old models assume change can be managed, and that's where they start to go wrong. Change is continuous; it does not being and end. Companies that succeed will be, as Ed Lawler and Chris Worley say in their book "build to change."

If you are interested, take a look at the article.

Now... let me answer the really important question you have been wondering about. Who is my rock star son? What band is he in? What music does he play? Just as change management changes, so does the world of music. He's playing a new genre ... yes, things change everywhere, especially in music. No wonder they keep changing in business too.

Steven and his band:

Happy Holidays to everyone.


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