Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Energy Pulsing for Higher Performance in 2012 and Beyond

Verb: Focusing, directing, aligning, and motivating employees to move forward together and along the right path to achieve incredible success; changing direction as needed quickly, becoming an organization with outrageously positive evangelists and raising the stakes to create a dynamic, high powered, high performance business. Driving a high sense of urgency and high-performance culture.

Noun: Continuous improvement, innovation, and engagement process.

Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne started her groundbreaking work on employee energy at work in 1993. Since then organizations all over the globe have used Energy Pulsing to improve performance, drive growth, sell more and navigate in high-change environments. eePulse built a proprietary technology to leverage the research and learning, allowing organizations to not just track employee energy but also to simultaneously implement powerful interventions that improve energy at work, align energies and drive innovation.

Traditional employee engagement surveys and processes are book ends. They help ignite conversations with employees, but they are limited in how they can drive performance because they are done infrequently, and they often do not address the real issues that affect energy at work. eePulse's research on energy is based on millions of data points, with people around the world. Energy predicts performance. Firms that track energy and use the Energy Pulsing process outperform their competition.

Start 2012 with Energy Pulsing in your team.

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eePulse provides the technology for the Leadership Pulse. The Leadership Pulse is the only real-time learning process that allows all participants to receive personal benchmarking and trendmarking reports. Learn about trends in energy, confidence, change, business drivers and more. Learn from your peers; be ready for what's new in 2012.

To sign up for no-cost membership, go to www.leadershippulse.com.

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