Monday, October 26, 2015

Employee Resource Group Leaders Summit 2016

Where will you be on March 8-9 in 2016?  If you want to learn from a dynamic group of Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders as well as senior Diversity and Inclusion and Business executives, you will want to be with us at this 2-day, data-driven workshop. It's a unique learning opportunity for people who want to take ERGs forward and learn through live case studies, exercises that stimulate new thinking and skill building as well as via data collected from ERG members in the participating companies.  Our first ERG Summit was in 2013, and since that time we have created new learning via this event, and we also share that accumulated knowledge.  
We want to thank the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for hosting the event for us in Seattle, Washington.  We also are proud to have Sony Pictures Entertainment as an active sponsor.  You can find more information here  
Learning moments from our research work:  
  • ERG members are more energized and engaged than their counterparts who are not in ERGS. 
  • ERG members learn to innovate within their ERGs, and they are taking that skill set back to their jobs.
  • ERG leaders acquire skills that help them develop and become more successful in their core jobs. 
  • Organizations can leverage their ERGs to help drive change; this can be an important asset for organizations that find themselves in need of moving to a continuous change or agile culture. 
  • ERGs are evolving - some organizations are using the term BRG, business resource groups.    
Learn more, become a sponsor and get involved now.  Click here to learn more. 

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