It's getting to be that time -- when you take stock of what 2015 has brought and work on plans to make 2016 an even better year for you, your team and your business.  If you have been involved in the Leadership Pulse over the years, you know that we provide leaders with real-time data on key business indicators; the kind of metrics that can make your 2016 better. Participants can use the data to help develop their teams and improve their businesses. 
The Leadership Confidence Pulse opened on Friday, and I am inviting you to take part by spending  between 3 and 5 minutes of your time to share your insights on a few key business topics including confidence (key leading indicators we have trended since 2003).  
Participating gets you access to on-line bench marking reports, webinars and technical reports as well as articles and case studies. You also can add up to 100 members of your team for confidential team reports, all at no costs. The Leadership Pulse has been and continues to be an important real-time learning process. We share the results with everyone who helps us learn. 
The Leadership Pulse is a partnership between the Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of  Business, University of Southern California and eePulse, Inc.