Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Innovate, Disrupt and Improve Your Survey and Engagement Tools

The employee survey has taken root in many organizations. In fact, in some organizations it may have not only solidly embedded itself but also infested the organization because it causes more harm than good.

Perhaps that is because the survey and engagement processes have not evolved. Yes, technology has changed the process to be on line vs. using paper. But check out what's being done these new new on-line surveys – not much.

The availability of survey technology has led to more use of prettier and slicker tools, but at its core the process remains unchanged.  There is nothing innovative or disruptive about the way employee or customer surveys are done. In fact, the technology is so simple to use that often even less thought is taken about what questions to ask or why they are being asked.

Think about the annual employee survey. In many firms it is a required and sacred process that seems to be changing at a snail’s pace. We ask questions that, in reality, managers can't do anything about, but we give them the results to develop action plans. There is no accountability for the actions other than raising scores.

Why do we care if the score goes from 80% favorable to 82% favorable? Is that really a cause for celebration? What is gained from a 2% change? What if the improvement comes at a cost of employees being less efficient and productive? The link between these minuscule gains in score and firm performance are almost never studied or known. 

The annual survey is an annual report - so treat it like one. Who uses the annual report to manage the business or to make decisions?  No one. 

If you want a tool that truly helps managers make better decisions and that also uses the voice of the employee to help provide better insights, then you have to radically disrupt your survey process because doing the same thing with a different vendor is not going to help you.

Transforming Surveys into Leadership Tools with Energy at the Core 

* The new survey and engagement tool should do what engagement was originally intended to do -- that is, help employees bring their best selves to work. 

* The transformed engagement process does 2 things: 1) employee brings best self to work via doing new behaviors 2) and those activities are in sync with business goals and objectives.

* Most managers hate getting survey data back with the dictate to do something. They don't know what to do; the data they get back to them is whining about things they can't fix. The transformed survey and engagement tool remedies this with a proven methodology that brings solutions to the manager NOT problems. 

* The transformed survey is not a survey; employees say it is a "communication and continuous improvement" process. 

Transform and then What? 

The transformed process includes documentation of return on investment (ROI). We record ROI data and ROI stories. The power of these stories is to continuously transform. 

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